About The Artist

I grew up without a dog. Childhood asthma prevented me from having indoor pets. I had iguanas, snakes, lizards and fish, but nothing to hug except my stuffed animals. Fortunately, I overcame my asthma and now I can't imagine life without my dogs.

My combined love of needle felting and dogs led me to start Bowwowies! I enjoy getting to know other beloved dogs and feel a deep sense of honor while creating their likeness.

About The Works

These miniature 3-D portraits are made completely from felted merino, alpaca llama and/or lamb wool fiber. Their eyes are glass. Each Bowwowie is hand crafted to replicate your unique dog. I strive to recreate the essence of your best friend.

About The Process

  1. After receiving payment, I will notify you and begin working on your Bowwowie.
  2. If you would like you may send along with payment a small amount of the pup's fur and/or a pinch of cremated remains to be felted into the Bowwowie.
  3. I will need you to upload images as directed on our order form. You will have the opportunity to upload 6+ images of your pet. It's important to try to find images that show your pet from different angles: face, side, rear, etc.
  4. During the creative process, you might receive a follow-up question or two via email.
  5. In 4-6 weeks, you'll receive your brand new Bowwowie in the mail!

I Bowwowies!

Hi Liza,
I just opened my Bowwowie's bag to find the most wonderful rendition of our Australian Shepherd, Roxie! M.H. has surprised us with this priceless gift for Christmas... really it brings tears to my eyes, such a perfect likeness, even in body language. We appreciate the superb job you did with our adored pet.

— Melinda from Santa Fe, NM